Why Has First Web Site Design Been Written?


The author of this Web site is a doctor and Web site design has become a hobby. His first Web site receives 10 million hits each month and this Web site has a current ranking of second in the world on Yahoo for the search term “website design” (with 120million competing websites). This ranking has been achieved by ‘clinical’ assessment and care and in direct competition with the world of web designers.

First Web Site Design aims to serve as guidance for those taking their first steps into the exciting medium of the World Wide Web.  Web design includes the design or designing of a web page, website, or web application. It is a matter of personal choice whether to forgo the wonderful graphics of a professional graphic Web designer or the pleasure of producing your own Web site. E-commerce Websites are probably best left for a professional Web site design company whereas you might well enjoy undertaking Web design of personal and pure information Websites. Web page design is a modern art form and, with the assistance of web design software, graphics and templates, a reasonable Web page design can be produced by the majority. The Internet is the greatest source of information as well as being the world’s largest marketplace and it is waiting to be tapped. What are you waiting for?

There are many reasons for having a “Web presence” and you need to consider your own purpose for moving into this medium. Whether you choose to develop your Web site with the assistance of a professional Website designer who can provide you with a bespoke, customized Web design, or undertake all or part of the project yourself, First Web Site Design is here to explain the terminology and offer you guidance.

As your Website develops you will need to provide a list of keywords that will be the focus of your web pages. Good content for your visitors as well as the search engines is essential but you will also need to consider techniques, known as search engine optimization, to enhance your Web site for high search engine rankings.

The majority of visitors to this Web site will be familiar with the World Wide Web and at the very least a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word. Beyond that, no other assumptions will be made.

The author has explored hundreds of professional Web designer’s sites and ranked them according to the quality of their own sites, as well as the Web sites that they have designed and included in their online portfolios.  Recommended Web site designers can be found below, and in the Web Designer’s Directory 2 and Web Designers Directory 3 in the navigation bar on the left.

While designing a website it is crucial that the site should be attractive, fast-loading, user friendly, focuses on your content, and has a high stickiness factor to it (stickiness is a measure of time spent by visitors on a Website). Instead of making very complex designs with less content or bare designs with cluttered content you need to find the right balance between both.

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